Instructions to Complete Submission Form

We have revised the CPEC Submission Form to help make it easier for you to obtain more useful information about parent engagement programs operating in California. These programs provide detailed information about ways that parents and caregivers are engaged in meaningful leadership roles in the implementation of one or more of the following program components:

  • Direct services
  • Training
  • Policy and systems change
  • Public awareness and education programs

If your agency provides only one of these program components, it will probably take you about 15 minutes to complete this Submission Form. Additional time may be required based on the numbers of different program components you have. Remember that you can always sign back in your submission form to add/update information.

Helpful tools to use when completing this Submission Form:

  • Blank Submission Form: Click here to view or print a blank Submission Form so that you can see all of the questions that you will need to complete. You may need to talk with other staff at your agency to obtain all of the information requested.
  • Sample Submission Form: Click here to view or print a Sample of a completed Submission Form. (We have provided you with a sample of the parent engagement programs offered by Parents Anonymous® Inc.)
  • Online Submission Form with Examples: Throughout the online Submission Form, you can click on "Example" to view an example of how to fill out specific questions within the form.

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