Wraparound Parent Partners Initiative

In collaboration with the California Department of Social Services, Parents Anonymous® Inc. provides statewide training and technical assistance, and evaluation services on the role and impact of Parent Partners in Wraparound programs throughout California. We convened a statewide Wraparound Work Group of State, County, and local-level Wraparound experts, including parents currently serving as Parent Partners, who assisted in the design and implementation of a statewide survey to collect data on parent partners roles, training, and identify gaps and needs. All of these results and next steps were determined at a statewide Summit in June 2007 moderated by Parents Anonymous®. This work resulted in a Parent Partner Role Description and a Parent Partner Fidelity Tool. Parents Anonymous® Inc. offered trainings on these two resources. Furthermore, an outcome study is being developed related to the fidelity of the Parent Partner Role Description utilizing clinical outcomes and critical incident measures to evaluate the outcomes of the families.

Wrapround Parent Partners Training Archives